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SoO Cleared, GOOD JOB.

2013-12-18 20:12 Posted by: Naturechick

We finylly killed Garash. Good job all. Gratz looters specially Vileina for his new staff.

Hellscream's War Staff

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SoO 11th Kill

2013-11-03 21:11 Posted by: Mcguyvver

Thok finally downed after watching rains little legs run round in circles for a hour.

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Throne of Thunder cleared - Lei Shen down

2013-06-09 20:06 Posted by: Fohrseti

Finally we killed the last boss of the instance, wrapping up the tier. Gj everybody :D

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Iron Qon and Twin consorts down!

2013-05-23 22:05 Posted by: Fohrseti

After a couple of weeks of slacking we killed Iron Qon tonight. With 15 minutes left on the raidclock we decided to try out Twin consorts. And what do you know, one try was all it took. Two new bosses and more lootzor for us. Only Lei'Shen stand between us and a cleared tier now :D

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Primordius and Dark Animus down

2013-05-05 21:05 Posted by: Fohrseti

Primordius is not really a boss, true story. Trash before dark animus is worse. Went in and oneshoted him tonight. The rest of the night we spent polishing a working dark animus strat. And what do you know, on the final pull everything clicked and we had one dead robot. Props to the group for good execution on a rather different fight.

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Durumu "I have one million ways to kill you" dead

2013-05-02 21:05 Posted by: Fohrseti

This boss sucks... period. Finally down and off we go to the next.

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Chi'kun toast!

2013-04-25 21:04 Posted by: Fohrseti

After frying this chicken tonight we're halfway through the instance. Sucks to to be colorblind on the next boss...

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Megaera Down!

2013-04-18 20:04 Posted by: Fohrseti

Killed this 3-headed beast tonight. Long time since we used 4 healers :P

Since there was no corpse we just had to do a door pic.

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Council and tortois

2013-04-17 21:04 Posted by: Fohrseti

Forgot to post a kill pic of council last week so here you go. Also killed tortoise :D

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Horridon slain!

2013-03-31 23:03 Posted by: Fohrseti

So after wiping on every possible debuff and mechanic on this fight we finally killed it. Gj and on we go to council.

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